Linda Opdyke

Me, hubby, our son, our g'kids and my g'son's friend Ashley at Six Flags Great Adventure Fright Fest.

I've worked in various capacities within the publishing industry: book reviewer, columnist and executive editor of a trade magazine.

Stones Throw, a Dec. 1999 thriller from Hard Shell Word Factory (now Mundania Press), was named a "Best of 1999 - classic" by Mystery Morgue editor PJ Nunn, a "Best Pick for December 1999" by Belles & Beaux of Romance and made the ebook bestseller list. My second thriller, Lake Braxton and time travel Southern Cross are also available from Mundania Press.

Along the way to publication I've met industry individuals whose unending support and encouragement made the always rocky path a little (actually, much) less so. This group of people stretches from London through the U.S. and on to Australia. Some are authors, some are editors and publishers, some are reviewers.

There's nothing like a supportive husband, and mine is the absolute best. This photo (one of my favorites) was taken as he read the last page of Stones Throw. Below him is our newest baby, Chief, 22 mos. old in this pic.

Can't put it down!

What do you mean that's not how you turn off the light?