Stones Throw reviews - page 2
"No matter where you go around here you're still a stones throw from nowhere."
�Cobb Slocum to Stacy Weston in STONES THROW.
ISBN: 1-58200-537-0
a thriller by Linda Opdyke
Dec. 1999 -

Named by Mystery Morgue and Raven Feathers editor P.J. Nunn:
"Best of 1999 - classic" (one of three)

Named a "Top pick for December 1999" by Belles & Beaux of Romance

"...Opdyke has produced a captivating story with a highly developed plot and intriguing characters. ...participate in the fictional dream that Opdyke weaves so skillfully."
Four stars...Romantic Times

"Thrilling? Oh yes!! I was so caught up in the story that I could not stop reading until the very last word. Full of suspense and it kept me guessing right up to the end. Many surprises and a page turner if ever there was one!"
...Beverly Bangeman for Huntress Reviews

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Reviewed by Aimee McLeod for Murder List

In one word, Wow! STONES THROW, the fabulous first novel by author Linda Opdyke, is a suspense-filled read from start to finish. It includes a gripping beginning, twists in the plot to keep you guessing, memorable characters, and a crime so heinous you'll scour the pages, desperate to see it solved. Linda has produced a first rate read, boldly proclaiming herself one of the fresh new faces in e-publishing for the millennium.

Stacey Smith has come to Stones Throw, Tennessee and rented a house from the town lecher, Cobb Slocum. But in the trunk of Stacey's rented car she carries a bag full of money and a loaded gun. Her attempts to befriend Cobb's wife, to prowl through his home when empty, and to make blatantly obvious passes at Cobb while holding him at arm's length, leave the reader wondering at her real intentions and guessing at her crazy antics. When a sexy stranger enters the scene and gives no answers of his own as to his identity, why he's there or what he really wants, Stacey assumes he's working for Cobb. But his hazel eyes seem to reach into Stacey's very soul, promising safety. She finds herself floundering, desperate for help and unable to trust anyone in this macabre game they are playing.

Tucked deep into the hills of Tennessee, this incredibly poignant story of heartache, betrayal, desire and the power of love will touch your heart. The novel is very long and complex, so don't plan on finishing this story in an afternoon. Rather, plan to spend several evenings wrapped up in this detailed plot, getting to know each character and exactly what makes them tick. Linda takes the time to make her characters real to us, delves deep into their motivations and their fears and helps us to understand their behavior. I love the depth of involvement the reader forms with the characters, they become very real to us. A highly recommended, excellent book, I cannot believe this is Linda Opdyke's first book. A delight to read. Count me as one of her fans, anxiously awaiting her next release.

Aimee McLeod


Reviewed by Kathy Boswell for Romance and Friends

This electronically published book by Linda Opdyke was definitely a page turner. It was full of murder, suspense and romance. It was most assuredly my type of book and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Stacy Weston was desperate. Her weasel of an ex-husband had stolen her baby and sold him on the black market. She had to find her baby and fast. She's on her way to Stones Throw with just a cryptic note, a 38 and a green bag full of money.

Rick McCoy is on his way to Stones Throw but for a very different reason. He believes that his sister and her husband are stealing from him and he wants to know why. He broke down, it's pouring rain and not a car is in sight until Stacy comes up. Stacy is very scared and nervous but she stops and gives him a ride to the nearest gas station. When he asks for a ride back to his car with the gas, she reluctantly says yes but when he tries to open the trunk of the car, she panicks and speeds away.

When Stacy gets to Stones Throw, she finds that this town is run by some shady characters and all is not what it seems to be. She finds Cobb Slocum, who is scum of the earth and talks him into renting her a house with a promise of being 'nice' to him later. Little does she know that Rick will be coming to that very same house. Rick is a nice guy but she can't trust ANYONE. She has to keep her secrets in order to stay alive and get information about her baby. Rick has secrets too. He thinks Stacy is in cahoots with Cobb. Otherwise why is she staying in his house. Will Stacy and Rick overcome their mistrust for each other and work together? Will Stacy ever get to the bottom of this alive? Most importantly, will she ever find her baby? In order to find out, you must read this book. I look forward to reading more of Linda Opdyke's work.

Kathy Boswell


Reviewed by Cindy Penn for Word Weaving

Linda Opdyke weaves a graceful path through of love, psychological tension, and intrigue to create a memorable novel. Extraordinary!

A ragged piece of notebook paper with a poorly written message, and a piece of paper that bears a telephone number, provide the clues that lead Stacy Weston to Stones Throw, a town said to be a stone's throw from nowhere. In such a small town, the desperate woman has nowhere to go in such a town to ask for help finding her baby. The child was sold on the black market by his father. With her past, Stacy's only hope of success is to keep her carefully guarded secret to herself as she seeks her own answers.

But on the way into town, Stacy gives a lift to a man stranded with an empty gas tank. When he shows up later at her rented house, she doesn't know if she should be grateful for the protection of another person in the house, or angry at the intrusion. Yet, she can't turn away a hungry man in need of work, especially when the roofleaks, wood needs chopping, and her grotesque neighbor has his own agenda.

When Stacy witnesses murder, she's more convinced than ever the answer to her secrets lies with her disgusting neighbor Cobb, and his equally horrible brother Lloyd. But there's no one to trust except Rick, who seems to match her penchant for secrets and mistrust.

Linda Opdyke has created startling vivid characters guaranteed to hook you until the final moment. I heartily recommend STONES THROW for all lovers of thrillers.

Cindy Penn