"No matter where you go around here you're still a stones throw from nowhere."
…Cobb Slocum to Stacy Weston in STONES THROW.
ISBN: 1-58200-537-0
a thriller by Linda Opdyke
Dec. 1999 from Mundania Press

Named by Mystery Morgue and Raven Feathers editor P.J. Nunn:
"Best of 1999 - classic" (one of three)

Praise for STONES THROW...

"STONES THROW is a clever blend of romance, danger and intriguing characters, all of which contribute to a climactic but totally satisfying ending." --- Christiane Heggan, bestselling author of TRUST NO ONE

"In this panoramic thriller, Opdyke launches you headfirst into the underbelly of Appalachia with a gritty cast of homespun locals and a riveting, yet poignant plot which explores greed and betrayal, heartbreak and redemptio. STONES THROW will rock your heart and keep it pounding one suspenseful page after another, proving Opdyke is but a stone's throw from the acclaim that will catapult her to the bestseller lists alongside J.D. Robb, Nelson DeMille and James Patterson." --- award-winning St. Martin's Press author and Romantic Times Career Achievement nominee Delia Parr

"Against a backdrop of the Great Smoky Mountains, Linda Opdyke has penned a gritty, pulsating tale of a mother's worst nightmare. A riveting suspense, STONES THROW builds to a harrowing, explosive conclusion." --- Joanne Pence - author A COOK IN TIME (Angie Amalfi mystery series - Harper)